HD NordicTrees - high quality Christmas trees

HD NordicTrees

To deliver the best quality requires vast experience, product knowledge and the drive to be the best every time. HD NordicTrees supplies quality Christmas trees in bulk from some of the best production areas in Denmark. Our speciality is the cultivation of high quality Nordmann fir – Abies Nordmanniana – which thrives in the Danish climate.

A strong team

When you do business with HD NordicTrees, you are assured of dealing with experienced professionals at every stage of the process. We are ready to handle your queries and answer any questions.

Nordmann fir specialist

Our primary product is cut Nordmann fir Christmas trees, but we also supply spruce and other varieties. Contact us and together we can find a solution that matches your requirements.


At HD NordicTrees you are assured of an exquisite quality which is hard to find elsewhere. We call it “HD NordicTrees quality” – your guarantee of a beautiful, healthy, long-lasting and prime quality product.

Sustainability and high quality

We deliver high quality Christmas trees from sustainable productions of Original Nordmann, GLOBALG.A.P. and our own NEW NORDIC CONCEPT.

Your guarantee for secure trading

HD NordicTrees is a part of HedeDanmark, which is the largest Danish company within the green area with a yearly revenue of approximately 1.7 billion DKK.

That is why we can guarantee the security of your delivery at any time.

Our production

HD NordicTrees a/s manages large areas of modern Christmas tree production at some of the most desirable sites in Denmark.