Nordmann fir (Abies Nordmanniana)

Nordmann fir is the most popular Christmas tree in Europe and neighbouring countries. The tree originated from the forests of Georgia and Turkey.

A great number of the trees cultivated in Denmark and nurseries abroad are grown from imported seeds. In Denmark, seeds are harvested in selected areas, making it possible to gather seeds from specifically selected growth stands of high quality.

14 years in the making

The plants are usually 3 to 4 years old when they are removed from the nursery and re-planted for the Christmas tree production in the forest or plantation. Then, it takes an additional 6 to 10 years to produce good Christmas trees. 

The superior Danish climate

Nordmann firs are hardy, but thrive best in areas with a mild climate all year round. The Danish coastal climate is perfect for cultivation. When growing conditions are optimal, the trees achieve their characteristic full, deep green, very attractive, soft needles.


We strive to maintain the greatest possible respect for nature throughout our entire production chain. As green professionals aiming to deliver quality, it comes natural for us to be certified according to GLOBALG.A.P. (GlobalGood Agricultural Practice), GRASP (GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice) and Label Rouge (The Red Label). Among other things, this holds us to a high standard of responsible production with responsible social practices, a reduced burden on the environment as well as superior quality Christmas trees.

The GLOBALG.A.P. standard ensures that the burden on the environment will be reduced, i.e. with an absolutely minimal use of pesticides, etc.

GRASP is an assessment of the social practices on the plantation, such as specific aspects of health, safety and welfare.

Label Rouge

Label Rouge is a French certificate of quality assurance. It certifies that a product has a set of characteristics with a level superior to that of a similar, current product.

Naturbaumsiegel is the German stamp of quality, which proves that cultivation is particularly environmentally and resource-friendly.

Quality and range descriptions – Nordmann fir (Abies Nordmanniana)

We have three unique product ranges as well as special labels for Abies Nordmanniana to give our customers a wide range of options, regardless of the demands. All product ranges offer the same personal customer service experience and are available in large quantities.

New Nordic Concept – Excellent, Classic or Nature

For more information about the assortment and labelling, please contact us.​

HD Nordic Excellent

HD Nordic Excellent

An excellent first class Christmas tree in a fresh green colour with dense symmetrical branches. The tree has many internodal branches and uniform density. The stem is straight and located at the centre of the tree. Its width is less than the tree's height and wider than half of the tree's height.

HD Nordic Classic

HD Nordic Classic

A popular, attractive and classic Christmas tree with a great shape and stem at the centre of the tree. The shape may vary and typically, the tree has one whirl less which makes it popular among customers who prefer a regular shape and a more open tree.

HD Nordic Nature

HD Nordic Nature

A visually appealing, natural Christmas tree whose shape and fullness may vary considerably. The perfect choice for tree lots of differing types. It allows the end customer to choose the particular tree that is to the family's liking.  

Private Label

Of course, we are also offering our customers to leave their special stamp on their Christmas tree using their own labels. With Private Label, we want to give our customers the chance to adapt and develop their own concepts. This allows our customers to develop and create an independent profile when they are introducing and selling Christmas trees - for a large hypermarket or a small stand at the local Christmas market.