We want to be recognised for high quality

At HD NordicTrees we know that quality does not create itself.

All our experienced staff have extensive professional knowledge and pride, as well as a deep respect for the natural product we work with – a pride that we carry with us to the point of sale. We know what is required to deliver a prime product. We know what raw material, cultivation area and tending mean for the end product’s shade, fullness and needle firmness.

When you do business with us, you are assured of the finest quality, which is hard to find elsewhere. We call it “HD NordicTrees Quality” – a brand which is your guarantee for a beautiful, healthy and long-lasting product of first class quality.

We select the very best products ourselves and control labelling and quality assurance throughout the entire process, from production to delivery of the finished product.

  • Continuous monitoring of the cultivation area to ensure that the quality meets our standards.
  • Our customers are always free to inspect and check ordered trees/lots in good time before felling/clipping.
  • Correct sorting and labelling according to the signed agreement, performed by our own staff.
  • Processing begins as close to the delivery date as possible, taking into account that each lot must be delivered in perfect freshness.
  • Processing takes place in compliance with applicable regulations and in consideration of the fact that we work with a natural product with limited durability.