Nature is our shared responsibility

During the entire process, HD NordicTrees would like to show the greatest possible respect for nature.

HD NordicTrees strives to maintain the greatest possible respect for nature throughout the entire process. As green professionals, we celebrate every new initiative where technologically enhanced cultivation leads to a reduction in the use of chemicals and fuel oil etc.

We encourage our Danish producers to seek certification, via e.g. GLOBALG.A.P., which documents that trees have been cultivated with consideration for nature and the environment.

We cherish valuable resources
When the tree has been felled and embarks on its journey to the customer, we make sure to package it securely, taking care of the tree to prevent damage and wastage. HD NordicTrees can also deliver Christmas trees in biodegradable netting that not only takes care of the tree but also the climate.

HD NordicTrees is part of Hedeselskabet that has chosen to use green power exclusively. Hedeselskabet works actively for biodiversity and how to improve conditions for animals and plants. As an example, the company has laid out a biodiversity park at its domicile forming the basis of a semi-urban variety of species allowing our employees to perfect their knowledge and experiment with biodiversity initiatives.

Focus on working environment
To HD NordicTrees, responsibility is not just about taking care of the surrounding world. It is also very much a question of taking care of the employees working every day to produce and deliver Christmas trees to consumers all over Europe. That's why we have chosen to get a working environment certification according to the international ISO 45001 standard which means that we are working systematically to ensure improved occupational health and safety.