This year's Christmas trees are not threatened by the Corona crisis

The care of Christmas trees is not affected by the Corona crisis which means that HD NordicTrees' customers need not worry about the quality of this year's trees.

Many companies are facing serious challenges from the global Corona pandemic which makes it difficult to maintain production in many industries.

However, these challenges do not apply to the Christmas tree industry which is mainly unaffected by the global health crisis. 

"Usually, we are visiting our customers at this time of year to evaluate the recent season but because of the Corona crisis, we cannot meet in person. Some of our customers are therefore a bit worried that the health crisis will affect the care of this year's Christmas trees. But there's no reason for that," says Michael Jørgensen, department manager of HD NordicTrees, delivering Christmas trees for the entire world.

The care of Christmas trees is not at all affected by the Corona pandemic and the restrictions in the wake of the health crisis. This means that the necessary amount of Christmas trees of the same quality as always will be delivered. 

This is, among other things, due to the fact that the care jobs are carried out outdoors in the Christmas tree plantations and that close contact between people is not required.

"Obviously, we observe the recommendations from the authorities wherever relevant but they have only affected travelling which might have given us a little additional time to focus on the care of trees now that customer visits are out of the question," Michael Jørgensen says.

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