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NORDICTREES becomes part of HedeDanmark

HedeDanmark strengthens and expands its activities in the Christmas trees and greenery trade in Denmark and abroad. As from 1 August, NORDICTREES, the Christmas tree wholesaler, becomes a part of HedeDanmark. 

One of the reasons for taking over the NORDICTREES brand is that since its foundation in 2014, NORDICTREES has focused on expanding its position in Christmas trees and greenery on the East European markets where HedeDanmark wants to strengthen its market position.

NORDICTREES continues in HedeDanmark
Acc. to the agreement, Michael Jørgensen, sole owner and founder of NORDICTREES, and his two employees continue at HedeDanmark.  In future, Michael Jørgensen will be responsible for sales under the NORDICTREES brand where as the sales manager of NORDICTREES, Michael Jørgensen, will be strengthening and expanding relations with existing as well as potential new customers of NORDICTREES.

HedeDanmark's organisation and relations with existing partners continue without any changes and we continue to be the trusted partner valued today by our customers.

With this agreement, HedeDanmark wants to strengthen the market position of HedeDanmark' existing well-assorted and well-defined high-quality Christmas trees as well as the Christmas trees and greenery of the newly acquired NORDICTREES brand.

“As a part of HedeDenmark we will increase our capacity and gain more attractive opportunities that will benefit all of our customers,” says Sales Manager Michael S. Jørgensen from NORDICTREES.

With this takeover, HedeDanmark's goal is to be an even stronger part of market developments where an increasing number of customers and suppliers demand long-term and solid working relations.

Further information:
Anders Lehmann, communication manager, HedeDanmark, Mobile: +45 51 39 01 65

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