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Decorative greenery 

HD NordicTrees supplies a broad range of greenery of several varieties from carefully selected cultivation areas.

Our greenery is select, trimmed decorative branches from specially cultivated land. The primary product is branches from Noble fir (Abies Procera) and Nordmann fir (Abies Nordmanniana) but in Denmark there also exists specialised cultivation of multiple coloured Cypress, Cryptomeria, Pinus varieties and more.

Our greenery is cultivated in specially designed plantations in Denmark, with efficient systems incorporated to effectively harvest branches in the fall and deliver them freshly-clipped to the customer.

The branches are cut at the plantation and the product is packed in 5 to 9 kilo bundles which are stacked on pallets or loosely in truck containers.

Product sorting of decorative greenery 


Noble fir greenery is sorted in several grades, each adapted to customer requirements and the needs of processors. We offer our customers the option to specify their needs in connection with the processing of each lot in good time before the season starts.

Finished greenery products 

Greenery is used for many different purposes, including for example, advent wreaths, decorations, bouquets, grave decorations etc. A few examples are shown here:

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