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About HD NordicTrees


HD NordicTrees (formerly NordicTrees) is a Danish-based company that deals exclusively with the sale of Christmas trees and greenery on the European market.

Our primary product is cut Nordmann fir Christmas trees, but we also supply Spruce and other varieties.

We cooperate with Christmas tree cultivators from the most suitable locations in Denmark, working always from our stated goal of delivering quality combined with respect for the environment. Our partners are carefully chosen based on our high standards of quality and reliability. This ensures an end product that we, as professionals, can vouch for and which your business can be proud to sell.

At HD NordicTrees, personalised customer service is a cornerstone of our business. Thoroughness, flexibility and professional knowledge are our most important keywords, characterising every link in the value chain – from selection and harvesting to logistics and delivery. Our goal is to do everything a little better and supply a quality product that is extraordinary.

As from 1 August 2016, NordicTrees became a part of HedeDanmark and has since changed its name to HD NordicTrees. Read more about the merger.



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